"water has an effect on everything it touches . . .        

and water touches everything!"                       


1. Unprocessed Water
Hard water or conditioned water? Which would rather have for your family? The answer is as clear as a glass of fresh, sparkling water.

2. The Ultra-Micron® Filtration System
For cleaner, better tasting drinking water, you need the Ultra-Micron® System. With five separate filtration processes, the Ultra-Micron effectively squeezes out dissolved solids and organics in the water you drink and cook with. The Ultra-Micron® will provide gallons of "fresh squeezed" water when you want it.

3. The Hydro-Quad® Water Processor
It take the hardness out of all the water that would enter your home. The Hydro-Quad®  is a one-time investment with a limited life-time guarantee. With the Hydro-Quad®  you'll enjoy the luxury of processed water for bathing, cleaning and laundry. You will also enjoy the added advantage of how processed water increases the lifetime of your appliances, plumbing and kitchen utensils.                                                     


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